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Back Massage


Massage Therapy involves the skilled manipulation of muscles to relieve tension throughout the body.  Some benefits of bodywork include:

stress relief, helps support immune system, improves posture, reliefs chronic muscular tension and pain from overused muscles, reduces mental and physical stress, reduces anxiety, promotes better sleep, helps increase circulation, range of motion, joint flexibility, and much more...

Swedish Massage

Relaxation massage using long strokes to reduce stress, and stimulate circulation through gentle manipulation.  This massage promotes deep relaxation and overall well-being.

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Deep Tissue Massage

A more specific and targeted type of bodywork that involves a significant increase in pressure, and is intended to relieve pain from deep rooted muscle tension.

Hot Stone Massage

The combination of hot stones and massage strokes melt away tension, eases muscle stiffness, and increases circulation. In addition, heated stones can help individuals with arthritis and other chronic conditions.

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Cupping Therapy

This extraordinary treatment encourages overall circulation, alleviates adhesion, clears stagnation, improves range of motion and reduces pain (Massage is included with this session). 

Medical  Massage

​​Medical massage is  primarily the application of a specific, focused work, based on a treatment targeted to the specific problem/s.  A doctor's note and medical reports may be required(depending on client's diagnosis and/or condition at the time of treatment).  

Back Massage
Osteopath at Work

Sports Massage

 Sports massage therapy can be used to enhance pre-event preparation and reduce recovery time for an event.  It promotes flexibility, reduces fatigue and helps prevent injury.​​

Prenatal  Massage


A healthy way to reduce stress and promote overall wellness for


Areas of concern can be addressed during this peaceful full body massage.



 Pressure techniques are applied with thumbs and fingers to specific wellness-related reflex points on the feet to release blocked energy, relieve stress, and boost circulation.


Visana's Signature Massage

This luxurious full-body RELAXATION MASSAGE incorporates hot stones, aromatherapy,  facial acupressure,  facial massage, scalp massage (peppermint oil optional),  foot reflexology,  followed by a hot towel foot exfoliation treatment for head-to-toe relaxation.

Integrative Massage

This is a customized full body massage to suit your individual needs.  The therapist integrates modalities to customize a unique treatment that is specific to each person.

Hot Stone Massage
Swedish Massage

Couples Massage

We know the average couple has a difficult time fitting in a massage in their busy lives, but a couples massage can help reduce every day stress.

Bath Salts


Increase the effectiveness of therapeutic massage by adding one of our fabulous enhancements  



Essential oils combined with massage techniques can increase circulation, decrease stress and create a feeling of relaxation and well being.

Aromatherapy can also enhance mood, support emotional balance, and alleviate muscle aches and pains.

Scalp Massage

Enjoy a scalp massage with relaxing and cooling peppermint essential oil.

Foot or Hand Massage Treatment

Soothe and hydrate tired, aching feet or hands with an invigorating scrub, followed by a hydrating cream before drifting with a relaxing massage. 

Hot Stone Foot or Hand Massage 

The combination of hot stones and massage strokes melts away tension and increases circulation. 
The heated  stones can help individuals with arthritis or other chronic conditions.


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